World's Largest Rotary Screw Pump Passes Performance Tests At DeLaval

worlds largest rotary screw pump
passes performance tests at delaval

"Full train testing" of an integrated Cargo Pumping System engineered by the IMO Pump Division, DeLaval Turbine Inc. has just been completed at the company's test facilities in Trenton, N.J. The "train" includes the largest rotary screw pump ever produced, powered by a 1,000- horsepower electric motor through a variable speed fluid coupling. Thorough testing by DeLaval was necessary to demonstrate the pumping system's capability to unload high vapor pressure, high viscosity crude from an offshore storage vessel.

Test f a c i l i t y instrumentation enabled a thorough analysis of pump performance. In addition to a full spectrum vibration analysis, a torque meter was utilized to measure input power. The pump was operated over the full speed range of 300 to 1,150 rpm at flows up to 5,500 gallons per minute, up to the maximum pressure of 165 pounds per square inch. Data taken indicated a suction lift capability of 27 inches of mercury.

DeLaval Turbine Inc., a Transamerica Company, has 15 operating divisions at 18 manufacturing locations worldwide. The company makes a line of industrial products including compressors, condensers, connectors, controls, diesel engines, fasteners, filters, forgings, gearing, pumps, sensors, turbines and valves.

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