SMM '94 Product Showcase

SMM '94 — The Hamburg Show — is a traditional venue for maritime companies to launch new products or services. This year is no exception. Throughout this special section is information on a variety of companies' plans for Hamburg.

Injection Pump & Valve Technology On Display L'ORANGE, with a representative cross-section of its most important high-pressure injection pump and valve designs, will provide information on the latest developments in the field of fuel injection technology at SMM '94. L'Orange also develops injection systems designed to meet specific requirements, including pilot injection and dual fuel systems. In its effort to provide injection systems with exacting requirements, L'Orange uses the latest technological tools in the development phase, including simulation models and CAD; as well as the employment of advanced measuring techniques during the development and test phases. In Hamburg, L'Orange will show spare parts for the injection systems of the most reputable engine manufacturers, as well as testing and assembly equipment for injection system service and repair purposes.

For m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n on L ' O r a n g e STN-Atlas Elektronik Merging Interests STN-ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, the two leading Bremer Vulkan companies which are in the course of merging their respective interests, will feature a new concept in ship automation, the Ship Control Center, at SMM '94. The system functionally integrates navigation, engine control and communications functions as part of a single package solution for ships' bridges, covering all supply, installation and servicing requirements. The concept incorporates the Atlas NACOS series of navigation command systems.

Hydrographic survey exhibits include recent extensions to the Atlas DESO series of echosounders, as well as the Hydromap system for processing, display and management of bathymetric data and production of charts.

For m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n on A t l a s Elektronik

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