Simrad Offers Literature On NL Doppler Speed Log

The NL Speed Log, which offers accurate and reliable speed and distance information to the vessel operator, is described in new literature offered by Simrad, Inc. Ideal as the speed sensor for integrated NAV Systems, the NL outputs in BCD and / or analog format speed, distance, tracking mode and depth warning. Output format is compatible with most satellite navigation and anticollision systems.

The unit tracks on Bottom Lock or Water Track with automatic switch from bottom to water track at 20 meters depth. Speed is displayed on 0-13 or 0-26 knot scales, only the scale in use is illuminated. Designed for low-cost installation and maintenance, the transducer may be gate valve mounted or in the customary steel tank or sea chest. Accuracy is enhanced in the Water Track mode by utilizing a high frequency to ensure reliable signal return from the marine bio-mass.

Literature on the NL Speed Log is available from Gilbert Nelson, Simrad, Inc., One Labriola Court, Armonk, N.Y. 10504.

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