Two Former East German Shipyards To Be Sold By Privatizing Agency

Treuhandanstalt, the agency charged with privatizing the assets formerly held by the East German Government, recently said it will tion plug the B-598 into i Barge Inlet Connectoi Handycheck™univer: tem tester provides v overfill level or open circuit; green LED for closed circuil overfill level) indications. Midland High-Level/Overfill Alarm Sensor Models B-594 < checked for correct circuitry and alarm points by this quick a tester.

sell two former East German shipyards and a diesel engine factory to two different buyers, including a Norwegian shipyard.

One shipyard and the engine factory will be sold to German shipbuilder Bremer Vulkan AG. Oslo's Kvaerner AS will buy the second yard.

Treuhand had originally proposed operation, simply port or starboard il (red LED for high/ nd audible (siren for B-595 can be serially cimnle HnnHvrherk™ selling the three businesses as a unit, but European Community authorities charged with preserving competition between companies opposed that plan because of the huge German shipbuilder it would have crGstcd.

Some 3,000 of the 10,000 workers at the three facilities are expected to lose their jobs.

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