Kaiser Building Fifteen Mammoth All-Welded Aluminum LNG Tanks For Ships At Avondale

series of huge aluminum tanks nearing completion in Mobile, Ala., soon will be playing a significant role in helping the nation meet its energy requirements. The 15 mammoth all-welded containers are being assembled by Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation


Avondale Launches First Of Four Tankers To Carry Alaskan Oil For Sohio

Avondale Shipyards, Inc., New Orleans, La., a subsidiary of Ogden Corporation, recently launched the first of a series of four segregated ballast tankers for The Standard Oil Company (Ohio). The new ships will sail under charter to SPC Shipping Inc.

Blount Marine Delivers Fueling Tanker Reiss Marine To Service Great Lakes Shipping

The 150-foot bunkering tanker Reiss Marine was recently delivered by Blount Marine Corporation of Warren, R.I., to Superior, Wis. The vessel will be operated by the Marine Fueling Division of Reiss Oil Terminal Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of The C.

World's Largest Rotary Screw Pump Passes Performance Tests At DeLaval

"Full train testing" of an integrated Cargo Pumping System engineered by the IMO Pump Division, DeLaval Turbine Inc. has just been completed at the company's test facilities in Trenton, N.J. The "train" includes the largest rotary screw pump ever produced,

Great Lakes Studies Awards Total $400,000

The Maritime Administration (MarAd) has announced the award of contracts totaling nearly $400,- 000 for two related studies of Great Lakes regional port planning and shipping. One award of $150,000 went to Frederic R. Harris, Inc. of Lake Success, N.

Electro-Nav To Market New 400-Watt SSB Transmitter/Receiver

Electro-Nav president Robert E. Negron has announced the addition of the EN 400 SSB Transmitter/ Receiver to his company's product line. "This is a unique unit," said Mr. Negron. "It's chock full of excellent features, performs beautifully and reliably,

Waterproofed Engines On Self-Righting Lifeboat Restart Following Capsize

A British-made inshore search and rescue boat, used by the Royal National Life-Boat Institution and the Royal Navy for several years, is now available in the U.S. The Atlantic 21, a semirigid, selfrighting craft with waterproofed engines and instrumentation,

Simrad Offers Literature On NL Doppler Speed Log

The NL Speed Log, which offers accurate and reliable speed and distance information to the vessel operator, is described in new literature offered by Simrad, Inc. Ideal as the speed sensor for integrated NAV Systems, the NL outputs in BCD and / or analog format speed,

SMM '94 Product Showcase

SMM '94 — The Hamburg Show — is a traditional venue for maritime companies to launch new products or services. This year is no exception. Throughout this special section is information on a variety of companies' plans for Hamburg. Injection Pump & Valve Technology On Display L'ORANGE,

Two Former East German Shipyards To Be Sold By Privatizing Agency

Treuhandanstalt, the agency charged with privatizing the assets formerly held by the East German Government, recently said it will tion plug the B-598 into i Barge Inlet Connectoi Handycheck™univer: tem tester provides v overfill level or open